Lumpy Headed Fuck Knuckles Beware

Exploration of caves, potholes, old mine workings and other underground sites is inherently dangerous. Do not attempt to enter anally without the relevant safety equipment, knowledge and experience. People can and do get injured or worse.  We don’t care, we just bullshit endlessly,  wear pink romper suits and nappies.

However, with the correct precautions, we can talk complete and utter bollocks and experience history, architecture and geology in a way that most never can and claim it all to be built by Romans.

Club News

Open for Membership very soon…

We will be open for people to join the club in an official capacity very soon – the club now has a constitution, officers, and a bank account. We’re just waiting to receive bank card and card reader to allow us to access the bank account online. Once that’s in place and working there will be a message put on here and on the Facebook pages detailing what information we require from you and where to put the the money. With this being our first year of existence, we’re keeping it simple – the money is to cover BCA (British Caving Association) Club fees and your Public Liability Insurance cover provided by BCA because.